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The Ultimate in hands-free Dictation: SpeechOne

Experience the freedom of hands-free dictation without sacrificing the quality of your audio recording.

Superior recording quality, ergonomics, hygiene, and convenience.

Superior Recording

The new SpeechOne dictation headset features a premium decoupled microphone (studio quality) and patented wireless transmission technology for crystal clear recording quality. Its unrivaled recording quality makes it perfect for speech recognition and accurate transcriptions.

Philips' patented wireless transmission technology provides 100% lossless audio transmission. Hear the difference yourself by listening to the following recordings.

Recording from a dictation headset transmitting by bluetooth:

Recording from dictation headset transmitting with DECT:

Recording from SpeechOne dictation headset using lossless transmission:


SpeechOne features an ergonomic design which allows for personalised wearing and ultimate comfort. It comes with 2 headband styles: classic over the top headband style, and behind the neck headband. The 360 degree rotating microphone boom arm can be worn to left or right. The ear cushions can be worn over the ear or off the ears. The "off the ear" wearing style is ideal for people who wear a hearing aid and provides enhanced hygiene when a headset is used by multiple authors.


The microphone boom and remote control are made of antimicrobial synthetics that work against a wide range of different microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae. This is especially useful in medical settings such as hospitals and pathology. The magnetic ear cushions can be quickly and easily changed between users. If you share a headset with another user, you can each have your own personal set of ear cushions. 


SpeechOne is packaged with a convenient docking station which offers high-speed wireless charging and easy pairing. Your headset can also be used with a USB cable in instances where you have forgotten to charge it. For added convenience, the SpeechOne can now be used with the NEW AirBridge which allows wireless transmission without the docking station.
The package also includes a status light for reducing interruptions and increasing productivity. The light is green when you are available and red while recording is in progress.
SpeechOne also offers Skype support with a dedicated button for easy call control. 

Experience the difference with SpeechOne.