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Go dockless with AirBridge

Don't let your docking station tie you down. Philips has just released an innovative new product which provides mobility for users of the SpeechMike Premium Air dictation microphone and SpeechOne dictation headset. Previously, SpeechMike Air and SpeechOne required a docking station to transmit the author's voice to their computer. With the introduction of the Philips AirBridge , authors can now dictate on the go with ease, using the compact USB dongle in place of the docking station. The compact design and ease of use allows users to dictate at different workstations or locations without taking the docking station with them. Watch the video to see what users are already saying about the new Philips AirBridge. Lossless Audio Transmission The patented lossless audio transmission technology offers a level of quality which is unattainable by headsets based on Bluetooth or DECT technology. The cutting edge technology ensures every word is captured from the mom

End of Life (EOL) Notification for SpeechMike LFH3210

From 30th June 2019, LFH3210 Speechmike III Classic will become "End of Life" (EOL). What does this mean for you? After this date, LFH3210 will no longer be available for purchase. However, Philips will continue to support this product until June 2022. If you are planning to purchase additional LFH3210 SpeechMikes this year, you are advised to do so prior to the EOL date. In place of the LFH3210, we recommend the Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch (SMP3710) or SpeechMike Premium Air (SMP4010). For customers interested in upgrading to the SMP3710 or SMP4010 , you can register for the webinar Philips will be holding in April for product demonstration. Click here to Register for the Webinar : Wed, May 8th, 2019 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM AEST