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The Ultimate in hands-free Dictation: SpeechOne

Experience the freedom of hands-free dictation without sacrificing the quality of your audio recording. Superior recording quality, ergonomics, hygiene, and convenience. Superior Recording The new SpeechOne dictation headset features a premium decoupled microphone (studio quality) and patented wireless transmission technology for crystal clear recording quality. Its unrivaled recording quality makes it perfect for speech recognition and accurate transcriptions. Philips' patented wireless transmission technology provides 100% lossless audio transmission. Hear the difference yourself by listening to the following recordings. Recording from a dictation headset transmitting by bluetooth: Your browser does not support this audio. Recording from dictation headset transmitting with DECT: Your browser does not support this audio. Recording from SpeechOne dictation headset using lossless transmission: Your browser does not support this audio. Ero

FREE Docking Station

FREE Docking Station with purchase of DPM6000 Follow these steps to get your free docking station: Purchase a Ph ilips PocketMemo voice recorder ( DPM6000 ) or a PocketMemo dictation and transcription set ( DPM6700 ) between 1st January and 31 December 2019 (inclusive). Within 14 days of your purchase go to , complete the online form and upload proof of purchase (image of invoice). The first day of purchase as detailed on your invoice or receipt counts as day 1. You will receive  an email acknowledging the submission of your claim. After verification of the claim, we will arrange the delivery of the docking station within 28 days. See the full terms and conditions.